Women's Wellness with Liezel

At Women’s Wellness with Liezel, we are passionate about helping women get their lives back. I am Liezel Kooyman and I strongly believe women can live healthy, happy and active lives in all stages of this process.

My Wellness Journey

My journey to health and wellness started 15 years ago after a spinal injury. A prolapsed disc resulted in 2 back surgeries. The final one at the end of 2008 resulted in the fusion of my L4/5 vertebrae. During my recovery, I developed a real love for pilates. So much so that in 2010 I trained as a Pilates teacher with Body Control Pilates. I gave up my career in Finance and I have been teaching Pilates ever since.

In 2017, my son was born via an emergency C section. While pregnant with him I had regularly occurring shoulder dislocations. These were caused by hypermobility and pregnancy hormones and left me in a lot of pain. Subsequently damaging my labrum badly. It got so bad that it would, in fact, dislocate when I sneezed even after I gave birth.

Consequently, in 2018, I had shoulder stabilisation surgery despite following a conservative route to rehabilitation.

In 2019 my daughter was was born by elective C section. Subsequently, my postnatal recovery has not been ideal. I struggled with a slight incontinence issue, some lower back, C section pain and core weakness.

I have had to work hard at it and I am still on a journey to wellness. However, it has taught me so much about the body and movement. Igniting an even deeper passion for helping others overcome these battles to regain full health and mobility

Liezel on the mat for Women's Wellness with Liezel
Women's wellness mediation

Helping You Towards Wellness

I am passionate about women’s wellness.

I have such a passion to help and educate women in their recovery and journey to healing and wellness. Whatever that journey may look like.

I want to empower women through education and help them feel strong so that they have a full range of movement. With no limits!

I love to learn and have done numerous courses in addition to my Level 3 Pilates Certification.

My main focus is on women, whether they are struggling with postnatal recovery, post op recovery, injury, incontinence or in a preventative capacity.

Therefore I am very proud to have certified as a Holistic Core Restore ® Coach. This is truly the gold standard of pelvic floor health and fitness. Although there are 15 programmes, I would love to share the Foundation course, the EveryWoman programme with you.

It is so much more than just an exercise programme and will help you well in to the future. Your health and wellness is important. Not only for you, but for those around you.

I believe in a dynamic and holistic approach when teaching while still relaxing the mind, thus releasing tension and stress in the body which is essential to bring about constructive healing and change in the body.

A list of my wellness qualifications

  • Level 3 Matwork Pilates Teacher (Body Control Pilates (BCP))
  • Pregnancy and Post Natal 1 and 2 Matwork Pilates (BCP)
  • Back for Good: Prevention and Management of Low back pain Pilates (BCP)
  • Intermediate and Advanced Mat Pilates (BCP)
  • Various small equipment Mat Pilates (BCP)
  • BASI Comprehensive Teacher Training (Body Arts and Science Institute (BASI))
  • Pilates for Pathologies and Injuries (BASI)
  • AiM (Anatomy in Motion) – AiM is a form of physical therapy using movement to treat pain, tension and re-align the body to make immediate corrections to gait patterns
  • Biomedicine 1 Year (The College of Naturopathic Medicine)
  • Pelvic Floor and Core Foundations Certification (Burrell Education)
  • Holistic Core Restore ® Certified Coach
  • First Aid/CPR Certification (Up to date)

How can I help you achieve wellness?

I would love to help you get back to the best version of you. Make sure to get in tough and schedule a FREE 15 minute telephone or online call/assessment today.

There are various courses available with great payment plans. Don’t hesitate. You deserve to be a healthy, happy and strong woman.